The foundation of our company was laid by Rahmi Dayi in 1934 with contracting road services. It became a joint-stock company in 1981 and has been providing construction contracting and engineering services and continues its activities. We have successfully completed and delivered on time the construction of roads, bridges, ponds, buildings, landscaping and various infrastructures and superstructure works.

Our company aims to grow and grow by following the modern technology required by our basic principle with having the certificates of TSE EN ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System, TSE EN ISO 14001: 2000 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 180001: 1999 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
We aim to operate in the fields of infrastructure, superstructure, road and building construction at home and abroad by using the knowledge, experience and experience that has been given for many years in construction works which is our main activity.
We aim to contribute to the domestic and foreign economy and working life by obtaining the benefits that we plan to grow together in social areas and materially. We commit ourselves to fully and fully comply with the activities of the modern era, using all the requirements of the modern era and contemporary technologies.


To undertake all kind of construction excavation installation undertakings and to establish industry, to implement technical consultancy related to public works projects, mass housing construction project etude organization works and to participate in construction and contracting tenders and construction contracting works for this purpose.

To undertake all kind of contracting works such as construction, sites, dwellings, roads, bridges, tunnels, metro air and sea ports, dam underground and underwater facilities, commercial, industrial and tourism facilities belonging to commercial establishments which are formed by municipalities and their commercial organizations.

It is a partnership, lease and other understandable conditions on factories, airports, universities, hotels, motels, mocamps, holiday villages, sports and entertainment on public and private establishments, public institutions and organizations, municipalities, commercial establishments formed by municipalities and private lands owned by private persons. Centers, restaurants, tourist recreation, entertainment, sports, accommodation and tourism to build training centers. To trade in all kinds of concrete and asphalt products with ready mixed concrete, asphalt, precast precast, beam cut and borders.

Construction of all types of residential buildings, site and business center, undertaking construction of such constructions or making provision of land.

To do all kinds of infrastructure, superstructure, road constructions and undertaking works to be made to public and private institutions, public institutions and organizations, municipalities, commercial entities formed by municipalities.

To do all kinds of interior and exterior decoration works and to do import, export and trade of all kinds of materials and products related to them. To carry out all types of construction, installation, plumbing, electrical equipments and spare parts semi-finished products, finished products, We make all kind of prefabricated structure, steel structure, wooden structure and similar building construction works and import, export and trade all products, accessories and parts, products related to them.

To prepare and prepare appropriate plans, projects, feasibility reports for the purpose of the company, to obtain or transfer investment incentive certificates and incentive certificates.

To take, license, operate, sell, rent, lease products and subsurface resources in accordance with the relevant mining law and quarry instructions of mining, marble and stone quarry and to export, process, import and export the manufactured imports and trade in every phase Processing, establishing the facilities related to the production, transferring the established facilities to transfer, rent and give to the rent.